Why Onions?

"It is hard to imagine cooking without onions..."

"Celery and carrots and turnips can be safely done without, but no soldier will enjoy an onionless chow in the mess".

"Just for a moment consider a world without onions".

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I love onions...
Let's get that straight, from the start. If you go away thinking "Heavens, Robin doesn't like onions" - you're wrong. A stew with onions is a very different beast from one without, and it took a long while to figure out what to replace them with. But:

Onions do not love me...
Let's qualify that. If I eat cooked onion, or leek, or shallot, then chances are, within a couple of hours I'm pretty damned uncomfortable. So, they won't kill me, but nor do they make my life any pleasanter. Sometimes it's worse, sometimes it's better, but as a rule, a small (marble-sized) onion in a large saucepan of stew, or roasted in the meat juices and made into gravy, is enough to do the trick - even if the onion itself is taken out again, rather than eaten. Even onion powder or stock in processed foods will do it. Luckily, pickled onions, and more crucially garlic, don't seem to have an effect. Having spent a couple of years assuming that I was a Freak Of Nature, come to find out:

Other people...
seem to be affected in a huge variety of similar and different ways. Lots of other people. A Google search will reveal much; the web is awash with information on it, and I'm not a doctor, so you don't need me to tell you about it...

What is this site all about, then? Quite simply, it's a collection, hopefully an expanding collection, of
  • general observations about what you can do to replace the onion in your life, and
  • recipes for onion-free cooking.
Visit the Theory and Recipes pages to see more. And if you've got your own favourite onion-free recipes you'd like to contribute to the site, that would be even better!

And anyway...
Who on earth am I? I'm Robin Somes, I live in the south of England. If you're really that keen to find out more, visit my other websites:
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