Following the bananaphilia debate reported elsewhere,
the tortuous subject of Marmite arose. Curiosity was
expressed as to whether there might be a link between
a banana penchant and Marmite moreishness.

Alas, we're no closer to answering that question. Still, never mind, eh.

Paul Norris - addicted at an early age and blaming the parents.

Fenny - You either love it or hate it. I'll subscribe to the latter.

Peter Hesketh - Oh no you don't. I can take it or leave it.

Robin S. - I'll join you in subscribing. I wonder - any genetic predisposition for banana-haters also to hate Marmite? ITWSBT.

Heather K. - Well, I can't abide either of them. Any help?

Robin F. - i don't know about that (since i like both, i contribute nothing to your studies). however, there's a troll who calls himself banana turned up in uk.telecom. he reckons the queen owns about a quarter of british telecom, and is seeking allies in his proletarian struggle against her. or some such twaddle. his other abode, he tells us, is alt.conspiracy.princess-diana

Rob Linham - Aha! I buck the flow [1] - I like bananas and can't stand marmite.

Niles - Sorry, hate bananas, don't mind Marmite.

Lizbuff - Mmmmmmmmmmm marmite and banana butties mmmmmmmmmm

Nick Leverton - Love bananas, hate marmite. Which doesn't really help as, if not-A implies not-B, the inverse A doesn't necessarily imply B anyway.

Al M. - I like bananas very much indeed. I like the smell of Marmite, but I don't much like the taste. Does this help?

AJW (banana hater) doesn't know whether he's ever eaten marmite or not but he doesn't like the smell. Should he consume some for the sake of umratic research?

Nick L. - It's quite a shock when you suddenly find out someone you're quite close to has a marmite liking, and you never knew. Should you or shouldn't you ? I haven't, but for myself I'd probably say no, or at most a taste on a cracker.

Kimbo - It tastes just like it smells. Banana & Marmite fan (not together!)

Paul Norris - Why ever not? Banana and Marmite sarnies are a wonderful concoction.

Martin Clark - I like crunchy peanut butter and banana sandwiches. [1]
[1] When I can get the crunchy bananas.

Chris McM - .....I went and had a banana and marmite sarnie. True, I kept the banana in my grubby fist and nibbled with mouthfuls of marmite. *Not* bad at all.

Peter H - should I bring some of my renowned Banana-and-Marmite Quiche?

Mary Kemp - Oohh goody! Banarmite pie. (Do you eat that with whipped cream or cream cheese?)

Kimbo - With reluctance.

Kate Lambert - I like marmite but hate Twiglets, which I have been told Is Impossible.

Penny - Rubbish, I'm the same, the only way I can enjoy Twiglets is in an egg sandwich where they definitely add something.

Jonathan T - I like Twiglets but not Marmite, is that impossible too? If we meet will we annihilate each other?

~m - Well, that depends on whether you suck the marmite off the twiglets & deposit the twigs in a conveniently-placed ashtray/plantpot/emptyliquid receptacle or not... I mean, if you're going to actually _eat_ the things, then I`m sure it's a Near Certainty.

Chris McM - I used to love twiglets - eat them by a handful, but licking off the marmite first. But the last packet I ate I thought they were foul - could I have grown out of my passion? I *love* both marmite and bovril.

Weevil - I have often enjoyed a honey-and-marmite sandwich in season, because the marmite makes the honey feel less sticky-sickly as an aftertaste. Or possibly it's because the honey makes the marmite a bit less all-overish in the roof of the mouth.

Rosemary Miskin - and i'm sure i've mentioned before that we often had marmite-on-crumpets as the cooked part of our school breakfast on fridays (no meat 'cos of the catholics) and were allowed to spread the marmalade intended for our bread & butter on top - delicious!

Brenda S (to the suggestion that she might be 'an undeclared marmiter'). No I'm not. Actually I fail to fit in the advertisement stereotype in that I neither love it or hate it. I eat occasionally if offered but I hardly ever buy it.

Last updated February 29th 2004
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