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For a lengthy set of reasons, I decided to canvas others' opinions on the subject of bananas, being a lifelong banana-hater myself.

The results show a definite pro-banana trend among those Umrats
who could be bothered to mumble an opinion. It must be
said that the antis have a rather more elemental, nay,
visceral approach to their prejudice than the pros.
For an interesting comparison between
Bananaphilia and Marmitophobia, go here

Robin S - it's the texture thing

AJW - You have another fellow hater in Stanmore. Are you keeping a list?

Fenny - It's the texture that I don't like most. I don't much like the taste either, although I have been known to eat slices of banana on a curry.

Heather Knowles - they make me throw up

Somewhere unspecified in the middle...
Jamie Armstrong - Arrgghh!! You're all banana obsessed!

Jane Vernon - bananas should be just turned from the green, IMO. Fried bananas are delicious too, but the only dish I know they go with consists almost entirely of fried foods so I've rarely had it. I don't know if it's authentic 'southern' or not but it is fried chicken with sweetcorn fritters and fried bananas.

Pauline Young - don't like them till they have black spots.

Kimbo - I love 'em all. Short, long, fat, thin, green, brown, spotty, cooked, raw, whatever -- bring 'em on!

Penny Mayes - Well I prefer them green around the gills, otherwise they must be mashed with brown sugar and cream. Cooked is very good too, with or without custard.

Mary Gentle - I'm bewildered by how many nice people can be such heretics as not to like bananas...

Robin F - just ignore them, mary ... it's the only way.

Paul Herber - mashed with evaporated milk

Chris McMillan - 'firm as they come'

Emma McGlade - Cooked on a barbie, with the skin split and a generous helping of some alcoholic spirit poured inside - double yum!

Tim Hall - Similarly on a barbie (charcoal outdoor cooking, not plastic product from Mattel) make a knife slit, put in suitable length of chocolate - C@dburys Flake is a good start- wrap in foil and sling into the dying embers.

Sandy Brown - Banana fritters in syrup from the local chinese take away yum yum

Marjorie Clarke - Fried banana with bacon makes a great sandwich. Yum.

Rosemary Miskin - Sliced in half lengthwise, sprinkled with brown sugar and maybe a little rum and baked for 30 mins or so in a hot oven. Bliss, especially with a dollop of /good/ vanilla icecream.

Al Menzies - No, no, no, no. Bananas and custard is manna from heaven. I can remember going back for thirdsies at Junior school. Yum yum. And banana on toast is a particularly prized delicacy in this household (the banana itself is raw, not toasted)

Jo Lonergan - My favourite, but the banana has to be well squashed, and eaten while the toast is still warm.

Helen Brace - Husbad bought me a rather nice jar of preserved bananas for this specific use! I've tried it on hot buttered toast and it was scrummy.

Marjorie Clarke, again - Try this: mash the banana on to the toast and then sprinkle it with a little brown sugar mixed with cinnamon. Then grill it for a few minutes. I had almost forgotten this myself. My brother and I used to make it as children. We called it Banana Boke (we lived in N Ireland at the time, and boke means vomit, which is what it looks like. But it tastes fab.

Simon Townley - Custard, no. But banana with vanilla yoghurt ... well it's not manna from heaven, it's manna from Sainsbury, but sure, it's the food of life itself. Banana sandwiches were a delicacy when I was younger, second only to sultana sandwiches ... Kensington Gardens, before a Prom concert ... happy days ...

Chris Dixon - I'll see your banana and raise you cinnamon with Greek yogurt.

Al Menzies - OK. I'll see your yogurt, and raise you a banana with a rhubarb yogurt.

Peter Hesketh - Our kids (including me) used to love a cocktail consisting of half a banana, a heaped desertsp of sugar and half a pint of milk shoved in the blender for 2 minutes.

Penny - Even better is a whole banana and a large scoop of ice-cream, topped up to half a pint with milk and then whizzed. Add a raw egg and it is a great meal for anyone with a seriously sore throat!

Weevil - Three or four old bananas that are going brown, brown sugar to taste, double cream and brandy, whizzed, now there's ambrosia at the end of a hard day, though. Add blue food dye and the kids won't touch it because they think it looks poisonous. Tee, hee. *hic*

Chris Harrison - Bananas, milk, ice cream, tsp of vanilla essence, dollop of blueberry syrup for that same purple slurge effect ... Swap strawberries for bananas and maple syrup for blueberry and it works well too. (Only it doesn't go purple.) In fact, maple syrup goes well with bananas too.

btms - ......banana slices (dipped in lemon juice to keep them white and provide a little edge) with chunks of a sweet ripe melon placed in a straight-sided dish (soufflé) then marinated in rum for two/three hours. Just before serving top with generous quantity of chilled double cream (substitute virtually fat free fromage frais for squeamish) cover cream with generous quantity of soft brown sugar (sorry no substitute for this) and say a heaped tsp. ginger (optional). Place under a hot grill until you are really sure you have left it there too long and viola! Banana and Melon Burl.

Michelle Holcroft The unpeeled-yet-already-sliced-banana trick.
Take a banana and a long thin needle. Insert needle into the side of banana until it almost, but not quite, emerges from the opposite side. Wiggle the needle from side to side to cut through the fruit, but take great care to leave the skin intact. Repeat at regular intervals down the length of the banana. Replace in fruit bowl, and wait for your victim to unpeel the banana, which promptly collapses into their lap.

Marjorie Clarke - Me, I had a bacon-and-banana sandwich for lunch. Yum.

Last updated February 16th 2004
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