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Anagram Master 1.3.
A superb piece of software! Can't praise it highly enough. It runs under Windows from 3.0 onwards, hammers away in the background using idle CPU time, and it looks good too. It was written by Paul McCue of Aberdeen University, and released to the public domain by him. Download (219 KB)

I seem to be a w@rez d88d now.
5 pieces of software for playing around with posting stats. Will keep the most stats-obsessed umrat happy for hours...

The Umratiser
is designed to count how many posts arrived in umra in any 24-hour period - working from the exported news file*. Simply enter the date you want, and it will count the number of posts from midnight to midnight. Alternatively, enter the date and the previous day's date, and it will calculate the number of posts from 11pm to 11pm. Why? Just because, OK?

Post Counter
allows you to search the exported news file for one person's posts, count them, and display the date and time of each post. This output can then be saved and opened in Excel or the bloatware of your choice, for more hours of intense stats-massaging than you can shake a stick at.

Like PostCounter, it searches the exported news file, counts them, and displays the date and time of every post, not just one person's. This output can then be saved and opened in Excel.

Weekly Post Counter
works with exported posts, or emails. Export them, and save them all as a single plain text file. Weekly Post Counter will count how many posts/mails are in the file. Simple and entirely pointless, yet quite the most essential bit of kit for the softwared-up umrat-about-town. And the UI is lime green, too

The Umra Console
And now, the power of all four has been harnessed to create The Umra Console. Umra power, at your fingertips...

* The software certainly works with exported news files from Turnpike and Agent. Provided the 'Date:' and 'From:' information in the headers is the same, it should work with exported news files from other newsreaders. Maybe even Outlook Depressed.

Last updated March 1st 2004
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