The Umra Film Club
Following the closure of the Welsh Ffilm Ffestival, endless reviews of Chocolat on R4 prompted a noted umrat to suggest an Umra film club. Nominations so far:

Siderius Nuncius Chocolat (English title: Chuckler)
The Color Purple
The Nuns Of Gavarone
  Somes Likes it Hot
Nuncious on the Run
The Purple Potter
  How Green Was My Charlotte (starring Krisp Krispofferson)
The Font Page
Seven Days In Matron
Penny's From Heaven
Min In Black
My Fair Bairns
Riddle Of The Sandy (showing with From Herne To Maternity)
Al The President's Men
When Jenny Comes Marching Home
  The Weevil That Men Do
The Mysterious Mr Tilley
Rob & Carole & Sid & Al
Shag (English title: Cormorant)
See Old Spot Run
Saturday the 19th Part III
Demon Supercede (sic)
The Tesco's Chainsaw Massacre (clockwise)
Strumpet Serenade
Stephen Bowden
  The A Tame (starring Kerry Pomo)  Ice Cold In AlexMin Lacey

Kim Andrews

What Women Want (French title: Chocolat)
Crouching Sniper, Hidden Flagon
The Adventures of Vicky and Bluerose
Born Umratic
The Phantom Minace
The Mummy (for Sandy's daughter)
The Matrix (for all the umrats in the cook temp. thread)
Train Man
Who Framed Roger Firedrake?
There's Something About Marys
Close Encounters of the Bird Kind
Look Who's Posting
Space Jim
Almost Fatuous (when we're having a bad day!)
and if I might just nominate one for myself...
Fatgirl and Robin
Forever Ambridge
The Good, the Badriya and the Ugly
Jewel of the Niles
Barry Lynda
The Green Archer
Lonergan's Run
Of Mice and Menzies
Days of Wineberg and Rosie
Mister Roberts
The Purple Gang
Fairbairns to Java
Silence of the Lamberts
Night of the ffox
Under Mike Ellwood
The Mind of Mr Somes
Take Her, She's Min
Nick of Time
Burton West Young Man
Tim Bandits
venturing onto the small screen:
Elizabeth R
McMillan and Wofe

Penny M.
Jim EasterbrookHesky Rides Again  Never Say Neville AgainNev
Stephen TFree Tilley  El SidRobin Parkinson
Robin SomesJane's World
Who Dares Winstons
Battlestar Umratica
The Fry Who Loved Me
Silence of the Spams
In Which We Swerve
Bring Me The Bread Of Alfredo Garcia
Murder on the Outlook Express
The Great Netscape
The Postman Always Meringues Twice
  The Umra Strikes Back (part of the unnc wars trilogy)
Umra of the Sun
Min in Black
The Third Min
Purple Potter and the Philosophers' Tuit
The Day of the Chankel
Look who's coming to the BBQ
Tony Gardner
Siderius NunciusFenny Girl
The Glass-Bottomed Bofe
Mr Bean Out With Men Like That
Three Coins In The Fauntain
Ruth Morrow Never Dies
Schindler's Lisken
  Ms Brown
The Kirsten Of The Mummy's Tomb
Easterbrook Parade
The Nick Odell-phia Story
Jurassic Parkinson
Siderius Nuncius
Kim AndrewsThat Magnificent Min In Her Flying Machine
The Thin Red Linham (a.k.a. The Glynn Red Line)
The Middleton Cuckoos
Around The World In 80 Mayes
And not forgetting: Brritski Sunday
  Flash Gordon
Seven Blades for Seven Brothers
Rosemary's Baby
Two Mules for Sister Sarah
George of the Jungle
The Belstone ffox
Miskin Galore
True Brritski
Robin Somes
Mike EllwoodRobin Fairbairns, Man In Tights  Chuckling Tiger, Hidden SausageLinda Fox

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