Periodically, a question is thrown at u.m.r.a, often when the questioner has exhausted all other lines of inquiry. Generally, the collective wisdom of umrats brings forth a flood of information, to illuminate the poor seeker of truth. Should we ignore this wealth of information? Should the posts be expired after 3 days? Naaaah.....

Here's what has been collected so far. In some cases the debate is still going on; in others, no firm conclusion was reached. Nonetheless, the inquirer will usually leave a wiser (if more confused) man. The first query wasn't in fact submitted to u.m.r.a., but to 'New Scientist' and the Daily Telegraph science & technology supplement. It still seems relevant to include it here.

Will emissions from my mobile phone affect data being stored on my computer's hard disk?

Why doesn't Internet Explorer display *.gif images?

Where can I find a copy of the Ryme of the Ancient Mariner?

Can I get Pimms in Geneva, or what can I substitute for it?

Do fish really have very bad short-term memories?

How can I delete an email from my server without downloading it?

Help - I have to say that Irish blessing on Sunday, ...... and I have only got as far as " May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back.........

What's the keyboard shortcut for ? (And all the other Alt + number characters)....

I need a new newsreader....... Which one shall I get? (Includes techie stuff about Agent/Gravity)

I was reminded today that the Cockney rhyming slang for a watch is a kettle. Can any umrat please explain the link?

Does any other umrat out there use netscape to read umra, and if so how do you download the messages as well as the headers?

I use Free Agent, and like it. Is there an option for downloading only the headers of messages?

Is there a common solvent to remove the adhesive after barcode labels have come off in the dishwasher?

How do I cook a Karela??

We're going to visit Sheffield in a couple of weeks - anyone have any recommendations for restaurants anywhere between M1-TownCentre-Earnshaw Halls?

Can anyrat recommend a text on Cybernetics suitable for a first year computing science undergrad?

Someone told me years ago that (mandarin?)Chinese and Japanese are written with largely the same set of characters, but completely different spoken meanings. Does this bear any resemblance to the truth?

Is there any way at all to programme my computer to connect to the internet and record episodes of TA for me - or is that simply wishful thinking?!

Need to know urgently - the names of all Santa's reindeer.

Is there a right way round for a chess board?

There is a pome somewhere about "when I grow old" and ends with the line "I shall wear purple" but blowed if I can remember the rest of it.

"During Lent I try hard not to succumb to the temptation of denying myself pleasure." Can't think who said this originally... sounds like Wilde or Shaw (it usually is).

What are the sea areas covered by the shipping forecast?

Last updated February 16th 2004
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